Stone Initial Carving Workshops

Some walls carry the initials of the proud waller who built them. His face may have long since been forgotten but his name lives on, neatly carved in the corner of a weathered stone. Time moves on but the wall stands still.

These thoughts inspired the ’carve your own initialled stone’ workshop.  The Forestry commission and the Friends of Dalby Forest will be running workshops at Dalby Forest Court Yard starting in December 2018.

Led by sculptor  Peter Maris @Stelaiartworks who is a highly skilled letter cutter and stone carver based in North Yorkshire you can learn how to carve your own initials in to a stone, and your stone will then be built into the maze wall, leaving your own mark on the maze.

Once you have ordered your stone, you will receive a notification from Pay Pal. Once the stone is carved you will receive a photograph of it by email. Once the stone is built into the wall, you will receive an invitation to the annual Open Day.